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Nồi nấu kim loại Foseco Crucibles

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Foseco offers the foundryman a complete range of silicon carbide and clay graphite crucibles, retorts and other specialised shapes for use in fuel fired, induction and electric resistance furnaces. Furthermore a broad range of monolithic and precast products are available for aluminium, zinc and copper melting and holding furnaces and Foseco personnel are on hand to offer advice on product selection, maintenance and design.


ENERTEK crucibles are a new family of energy efficient crucibles that have been formulated and manufactured to offer the most thermally efficient crucible for holding molten aluminium.


DURATEK crucibles offer excellent oxidation resistance and thereby give extended service life compared to standard crucibles

DIAMANT Special:

Premium quality, isostatically pressed crucibles for low temperature applications with good thermal conductivity and chemical attack resistance. Ideally suited for the melting and holding of aluminium as well as other low temperature applications.

DIAMANT Universal:

Premium quality, isostatically pressed crucibles with good thermal conductivity. Suitable for a wide range of applications including the melting and holding of copper alloys, the melting of aluminium in flame fired furnaces, precious metals and zinc distillation.

DIAMANT Super Rapid and Super Rapid Special:

Rotational moulded clay graphite crucibles with very good thermal, mechanical shock and chemical attack resistance.


Isostatically pressed crucibles with very high electric resistivity. Specially designed for use in high frequency and/or high power induction furnaces.

DIAMANT Optimal:

Isostatically pressed, carbon bonded crucibles with very low electric resistivity. Ideally suited for use in low- and medium frequency induction furnaces.

Precast Shapes:

INSURAL for aluminium and zinc:

INSURAL ATL insulating ladle linings are suitable for aluminium and zinc foundries.  The preformed ladle linings are used to transport molten aluminium and zinc alloys and possess excellent non-wetting characteristics and superior temperature retention.

INSURAL 700 and INSURAL 800 pastes are highly insulating mastics which are used as adhesives but can also be used for repairs, make seals or for similar tasks.  Ideally suited to aluminium and zinc, they can also be applied to other non ferrous alloys provided the temperature lies below 1000 ºC.

INSURAL precast shape components are also available for use in low-pressure diecasting furnaces, dosing furnaces and other aluminium contact applications.  Our advanced precast furnace assemblies combine INSURAL and ZYAROCK components with suitable backing materials, and deliver lower energy consumption and excellent melt quality within a short period upon commissioning and throughout the life of the lining.

INSURAL lining systems can be installed on site at the customer facility or off-site at a Foseco-approved furnace installation company.   Furnace downtime during re-lining is minimal with installation of the INSURAL lining system typically completed within 3 days and with no refractory sintering or dry out process necessary.

ZYAROCK and ZYACAST fused silica for aluminium:

High purity fused silica preformed shapes such as pouring basins, shot sleeves, launders low-pressure diecasting tubes and ladles.

KALMIN ladle linings for aluminium:

KALMIN 50 highly insulating ladle linings are designed for use in transport and pouring hand shanks for aluminium alloys.

KALTEK preformed one-piece insulating linings for copper:

KALTEK shanks are preformed insulating linings designed for the transfer and pouring of molten copper based alloys. They are available for ladles of up to 1000 kg capacity.

Castable Linings for Aluminium and Copper:

TRIAD is a range of user friendly, no-cement castables with excellent non-wetting characteristics, erosion resistance and longevity. TRIAD 70AL is mulcoa based with low density and high resistance to aluminium penetration and is therefore ideally suited for channel holding furnaces, tower melters and low pressure diecasting furnaces.

ALUGARD is a range of materials specifically developed and designed to resist erosion and impact damage whilst retaining excellent non-wetting properties in aluminium alloys.

ALUGARD products also minimise the potential for corundum formation and growth in aluminium and associated alloys.

ALUGARD EXP is ideal for patch repairing furnaces and thin veneer repairs.

ZYACAST fused silica castable is a high-purity fused silica castable for the transport of aluminium alloys.

KALTEK ISO 60BF is a castable powder with an inorganic bonding system generated by an exothermic reaction suitable for copper base foundries.

ONYX is a range of alumina based low cement castables containing silicon carbide.

CRITERION is a range of high strength, low cement, abrasion resistant castables for the hearth and shaft.

Coreless Induction Furnace:

Refractory systems for the reline and maintenance of coreless furnaces melting or holding aluminium alloys:

KELLUNDITE 703 is a high alumina, andalusite based dry lining providing a clean operating furnace with minimum dross build up

KELLUNDITE 707 is a high alumina, andalusite based “seamless” dry capping with enhanced erosion resistance

BLU-RAM HS, BLU-RAM HSW and DURACRETE RBG are granular phosphate bonded plastics for furnace capping and spouts

TRIAD 45AL and TRIAD 70AL precast spouts

COILCOTE alumina based, cement bonded grout for coating the induction coil

Refractory systems for the reline and maintenance of coreless furnaces melting or holding copper base alloys:

KELLUNDITE 400 is a silicon carbide containing, alumina based dry linings for copper melting furnaces

ONYX 15SF is an alumina based, self flowing castable containing silicon carbide for non-wetting properties

COILCOTE alumina based, cement bonded grout for coating the induction coil

Foseco cung cấp các nồi nấu kim loại bằng silic cacbua và đất sét graphit, nồi nung và các hình dạng chuyên dụng khác để sử dụng trong các lò nung bằng nhiên liệu, cảm ứng và điện trở.