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Hệ thống rót, đậu hơi, đậu ngót Foseco Feeding Systems

Giá bán: Liên Hệ.

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Foseco is the global leader in feeding system products because our products have the highest thermal and feed performance available. And, because Foseco’s feeding aids are carefully made in very reliable processes, feed performance is particularly consistent.

The application of Foseco feeding solutions avoid shrinkage defects and improve casting yields, reducing the amount of non-productive metal poured. Significant savings can also be made in fettling and cleaning operations.

KALPUR Direct Pour Technology:

The KALPUR direct pouring process is the combined use of a feeder sleeve and ceramic foam filter. It is suitable for hand-moulded castings, and horizontal and vertical automatic moulding lines. The KALPUR process entirely eliminates the need for a conventional running system.

KALPUR AL is the combination of a SIVEX FC filter with an insulating feeder sleeve and is used for optimising the production of aluminium castings both in sand as well as in die-casting foundries.

KALPUR for Aluminium XP are reverse taper direct pouring systems for aluminium castings that can be applied on automated horizontal moulding lines.

KALPUR for copper combine insulating feeder sleeves with SEDEX ceramic foam filters.

KALMIN Insulating Feeder Sleeves for Aluminium:

KALMIN sleeves are insulating, lightweight riser sleeves used to efficiently feed castings. These sleeves are highly resistant to dilation and provide superior insulating characteristics, with low smoke and fume. The use of riser sleeves increases casting yield by allowing smaller riser sizes than conventional sand risers and reduces cleaning costs.

KALMIN S is a range of accurately formed, higher strength, open and closed insulating feeder sleeves.

KALMIN 250NE is a highly refractory feeding material available in a variety of shapes. They are free from organic materials and fume free during casting.

KALMIN 50 is a range of open cylinders and ovals for use in aluminium applications. Sleeves can be cut to fit the contours of the casting, or to the desired feeder height.

KALMIN Insulating and KALMINEX Exothermic Insulating Sleeves for Heavy Metal Casting:

KALMIN lightweight general purpose insulating sleeves for use in copper casting. They are especially suited to applications where exothermic reactions create metallurgical problems, gas defects and other reaction problems.

KALMIN 70 is a range of highly refractory cylindrical and oval feeder sleeves ideally suited to copper applications especially those with heavy sections.

KALMINEX 2000 are accurately formed, highly exothermic and insulating shapes suitable for feeding heavy metal castings.

FEEDOL Anti-piping Compounds:

FEEDOL exothermic powders are used as anti-piping compounds to improve feeding efficiency. They are applied to the surface of risers on aluminium and copper base castings to reduce heat loss to the atmosphere and extend solidification time.

KAPEX Lids for KALMIN S Sleeves:

KAPEX lids are suitable for all types of exothermic and insulating feeder sleeves and can also be applied to sand feeders.

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