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Chất tách xỉ Foseco Fluxes

Giá bán: Liên Hệ.

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Fluxes for Drossing, Covering and Cleaning Aluminium Alloys:

COVERAL fluxes are suitable for covering, cleaning and drossing applications in aluminium foundries. They reduce oxide formation and build-up on furnace walls, help to remove non-metallics from the melt, reduce the aluminium content of dross and facilitate removal of dross.

COVERAL fluxes are supplied in granular (COVERAL GR) or powder form.

A wide range of fluxes are available in powder and granular form for manual or FDU application. Granular products are dust free and more effective than powder fluxes, allowing addition rates to be reduced.  For MTS application, COVERAL MTS fluxes must be used.

Cleaning fluxes:

Cleaning fluxes are designed to remove non-metallics from the melt by trapping the oxides particles as they float out.

Drossing / covering fluxes:

Covering and drossing fluxes are used to form a molten layer to protect the melt from oxidation and hydrogen pick-up. They agglomerate the oxides and non-metallic materials from the melt, cleaning the melt and forming a good metal-free dross which can easily be removed.

Remelting fluxes:

COVERAL 912 is a covering and drossing flux especially developed for remelting of heavily contaminated and small sized scrap.

Chất tẩy xỉ COVERAL thích hợp cho các ứng dụng bao phủ, làm sạch và sơn phủ trong xưởng đúc nhôm. Chúng làm giảm sự hình thành oxit và tích tụ trên thành lò, giúp loại bỏ các chất phi kim loại khỏi quá trình nung chảy, giảm hàm lượng nhôm của cặn.