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Chất sơn khuôn Foseco Die Coatings

Giá bán: Liên Hệ.

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DYCOTE DURA long-life die dressings:

DYCOTE DURA are a range of two-part die dressings with a novel binder system and are available in a range of grain sizes to meet the different casting, surface finish and insulation requirements. The adhesive characteristics and erosion strength of the coating can increase lifetime by a factor of 3.

Standard DYCOTE die dressings:

DYCOTE permanent mould coatings are blends of insulating and/or lubricating refractory materials with inorganic binders. They are formulated to meet a wide variety of performance and production requirements such as insulation, durability, surface texture and lubricity.

Foseco’s DYCOTE range of die dressings are suitable for gravity and low pressure diecasting of aluminium and other non ferrous alloys.

Carry and Mix System:

CARRY AND MIX is a mobile unit designed for the preparation of DYCOTE die dressings. The unit provides users of DYCOTE with a simple and clean method of mixing the coating, maintaining the quality during standing and loading the spray unit..

Coatings for Sand Moulds and Cores:

SEMCO (water based) and TENO (solvent based) coatings are available in a wide range of application rheologies and refractory combinations that offer superior performance for individual foundry requirements.

Coatings for Lost Foam:

The SEMCO perm and STYROMOL ranges of water based coatings are designed to promote excellent surface finish and dimensional stability of the polystyrene pattern. Permeability and composition have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of lost foam.

Coatings for Spun Pipe:

SPUNCOTE are specialist products formulated to provide a permeable coating with very low gas evolution for the centrifugal casting process. They can also assist metal flow and promote easier stripping of the finished casting.

Coatings for Refractories:

HOLCOTE 110 is a zircon containing water based, fully thixotropic dressing and is ideally suited for the coating of refractory launder systems used to transfer molten aluminium.

CERAMOL 258G/2 is a water based coating containing zirconium silicate that minimises the adherence of metal and slag to crucibles and ladles, thereby increasing refractory life and ensuring a clean receptacle for the molten metal.

Dòng sản phẩm sơn khuôn DYCOTE của Foseco phù hợp với quá trình mài mòn bằng trọng lực và áp suất thấp đối với nhôm và các hợp kim màu khác.